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Sometimes metal wears out or breaks. In some instances, a weld can separate making a fabricated part unusable or unsafe. Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved by repairing the broken piece. Repairing the metal may be as simple as making a new weld, or it may require a more complex approach such as cutting and welding a patch. No matter what your repair needs are, it is very important that they are met by your Minneapolis welding and fabrication professional with the experience to make the proper calls resulting in a solid and stable repair.

Making What Was Broken Functional Again

Getting a piece back to being functional again is important, as in many cases, a repair is a better alternative to a brand new replacement part. At Checkpoint Welding and Fabrication, our professional team holds a great deal of experience with all aspects of metal fabrication and can assist you in choosing the right approach to get your part back to being functional as quickly as possible. When done correctly, some repaired parts can even end up stronger than the part was initially before it was broken.

Expertly Repairing Fabricated Metal

Our professionals bring considerable experience to the table when it comes to the repair of a broken part. We have experience with even the most extensive repairs and with our state of the art, 25,000 square foot facility equipped with the latest advancements in technology, we can get it done efficiently and accurately, ensuring that the broken part is back to being functional fast. It is frustrating when metal breaks, but rest easy knowing that Checkpoint Welding and Metal Fabrication has all of the tools that are necessary to get it back into working order.

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When a part breaks or fails, it is quite frustrating as well as possibly dangerous. Repairs must be done quickly and effectively to keep downtime as low as possible. Possessing more than 37 years of experience tackling the simplest to the most complex and arduous repairs, Checkpoint Welding and Fabrication can get your repairs completed competently and efficiently and make sure that the fix results in a part as strong as or even stronger than it was before it broke. For more information on how our talented experts can assist you, contact us at 612-529-1038 for a free quote

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Hear From Our Clients

I had a very custom job that needed to be done on short notice. The job was for a healthcare provider so quality was also critical. Dean and the people at Checkpoint Welding were amazing. They exceeded my expectations and will use them exclusively moving forward.

- Michael

- Former Customer

I had a stainless steel vent hood crafted to my specifications including mirror polish on the welds. I had a long lead timeĀ  available so turnaround time was not an issue and is not a criteria for my rating. The product is perfect. There was good communication between me and the fab shop before fabrication started. The price was unbelievable (less than a quarter the price of the next closest bid).I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product and the price. I will definitely seek a bid from them on my next project.

- Jeff

- Former Customer