Plasma Cutting

Minneapolis Plasma Cutting and Metal Fabrication

One of the most effective means of cutting through different types of metal is by using plasma torches. The method is both quick and efficient and doesn’t carry the typical wear and tear of traditional saws and grinding. Checkpoint Welding and Fabrication has been a leader in Minneapolis Plasma Cutting and Metal Fabrication for more than 37 years. Staying on the cutting edge of technology, we have a 25,000 square foot production area equipped with state of the art machinery that we use to make you the best parts quickly and accurately.

Using Plasma Cutting Machinery And Techniques For Production

There are many methods and techniques to get your piece from the design stage to being a finished product. Our expert team is extremely knowledgeable of all techniques and processes and can recommend the most efficient and accurate means of producing your product. Plasma cutting may be the best means to achieve the end result that you are seeking. We will work with you from start to finish, ensuring that your product meets and exceeds your expectations and is finished well within your timeline.

Professionally Exceeding Expectations Both Commercial And Industrial

One of the main benefits of using Plasma cutting is the ability to easily manage extremely tight tolerances. In cases which this is the preferred method of production, our experts will ensure that your part is made accurately and all tolerances specified by you are met. We know how much difference just a slight deviation from tolerance can make. One part can function perfectly while the next is scrap. We take this very seriously and work hard to make sure that all your parts are made correctly.

Contact A Minneapolis Plasma Cutting and Metal Fabrication Professional

Your Minneapolis plasma cutting and metal fabrication professional can guide you in outlining the best production processes for your design. We will work hard to make sure your part is crafted to be functional and dependable right from the start. At Checkpoint Welding and Fabrication, you have a partner who is working with you to make sure you receive the absolute best possible outcome, whether your design is for commercial or industrial purposes. For more information about how Checkpoint Welding and Fabrication can assist you in bringing your concept from print to reality, contact us today at 612-529-1038 for a free quote.

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Hear From Our Clients

I had a very custom job that needed to be done on short notice. The job was for a healthcare provider so quality was also critical. Dean and the people at Checkpoint Welding were amazing. They exceeded my expectations and will use them exclusively moving forward.

- Michael

- Former Customer

I had a stainless steel vent hood crafted to my specifications including mirror polish on the welds. I had a long lead time  available so turnaround time was not an issue and is not a criteria for my rating. The product is perfect. There was good communication between me and the fab shop before fabrication started. The price was unbelievable (less than a quarter the price of the next closest bid).I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product and the price. I will definitely seek a bid from them on my next project.

- Jeff

- Former Customer